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Starshot Alpha was born out of the excitement and enthusiasm we have for creating magical entertainment and commercial experiences in immersive high-def 360° 3D virtual reality video.  A "moonshot" is an extremely ambitious project or mission undertaken to achieve a monumental goal - but why just shoot for the moon when we can aim for the stars!

Virtual Reality video empowers clients, customers and fans to experience entertainment, education and narrative experiences as if they were really there, living inside the story.

At Starshot Alpha we love what we do and look forward to creating something out of this world with you, lifting your business up to the next level like a rocket ship to the stars!


Founder & Creative Director

As the Creative Director for Starshot Alpha Bryant produces live-action virtual reality narrative and commercial projects in high-def 360°/3D virtual reality video, enabling audience experiences which are delivered from literally inside the story using their phone or a dedicated VR headset. Bryant began his work in the business on set as a professional actor and has starred in multiple film and network TV roles over the last decade including Ryan Murphy's Emmy award-winning 'Feud: Bette and Joan' and 'The People v. OJ Simpson.' Born in the Netherlands and raised in the Midwestern U.S., he served 11 years as a U.S. Navy pilot and 15 years as an airline pilot while pursuing acting and virtual reality film producing/directing. After training and initial TV credits in NYC Bryant moved to Los Angeles in 2012.

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