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Starshot Alpha Adds Virtual Reality To Your Business


In this digital age, more and more businesses are turning to virtual reality to help their digital marketing campaigns. Especially now, when the world is seeking more “stay at home” alternatives to promote their business, virtual reality storytelling might be exactly what your business needs to stand out from the crowd. At Starshot Alpha, we believe Virtual Reality Video has the ability to transport audiences directly into the story using high definition, 3D virtual experiences. Starshot Alpha helps turn your commercial and entertainment projects into story experiences your audience will be talking about to everyone they know!


Who Is Starshot Alpha and What Can They Do For You?

Starshot Alpha is a California based company incepted with passion and enthusiasm for creating magical entertainment and commercial experiences using immersive 360° 3D virtual reality video. Our mission is to help our clients empower their audience with the actual experience you're selling. Whether that’s a real estate listing, dining experience, retail sales, music video, or entertainment narrative, your customers and fans will feel like they are really there in the moment living the story from the comfort of their home.


We specialize in helping businesses move their products or service into the exciting new world of virtual reality. The time is now to explore your VR options and elevate your business to the next digital level!


Bryant Boon

Bryant Boon is the Founder and Creative Director of Starshot Alpha, orchestrating the ideation and production of live-action virtual reality projects. These experiences enable viewers to step inside the story using their phone or a dedicated VR headset. Bryant got his start in the entertainment industry on set as a professional actor and has starred in multiple film and network TV roles over the last decade including Ryan Murphy's Emmy award-winning 'Feud: Bette and Joan' and 'The People v. OJ Simpson. His experience in front of the camera empowers his creative story design to embrace the challenges of producing virtual reality experiences such that the audience is transparently incorporated into the story. Bryant moved from New York City to Los Angeles in 2012 and has been producing virtual reality stories and content since 2014.

How 360° VR Works


The reason VR works so well for is that people get to experience a home tour from any location. It’s a game changer for real estate because clients from all over the country can feel like they are actually there in the home with an agent. That “presence” is the magic of VR, creating the feeling that you’re actually in the virtual world we’ve created.

Any of our 360° VR video tours can be viewed and navigated from your phone or tablet without a headset. If you’re an agent, your potential buyer can feel truly present in the space when they use an inexpensive VR headset that their phone can be placed into. We recommend using a dedicated VR headset like the Oculus Quest which is well known for it’s amazing quality and experience.

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